QC superintendent fed up with school funding being tied up by lawmakers

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SILVIS, Illinois - There's very little optimism in Silvis about what might happen hours from now in Springfield.

Tomorrow the Illinois House will head back to Springfield to try and get an education bill passed.

"I don`t think it will even be brought to the house to be voted on. If it does I will be one surprised superintendent," said Andy Richmond, Superintendent for the Carbon Cliff-Barstow School District.

The head of one of the poorest Quad City school districts says he fed up with school funding being tied up by politicians.

"I`ve went from questions to frustrations to anger," said Richmond.

For the district's students, it's not just the state, the district hasn't seen $200,000 from the federal government either.

"Title money is usually large amounts of money that you don't have to take out of your own budget," said Richmond.

Half of the students in this district live below the poverty rate and losing students means losing even more. When districts lose future students, it will also lose state money.  For an already cash-poor district that can have a devastating impact.

"If we have one those years where you go from a 310 down to 280 yeah, we`re going to get stung," said Richmond.

Richmond says lawmakers must find a way to pay for children's education, one way or another, "Just give us last year`s money. You guys go in the corner, go somewhere fight it out, do what you got to do make the SB1 a bipartisan bill."

Richmond says the district could make it two to three months before it would have to borrow money. The school board will decide if the district wants to do that at their next meeting on August 21st.