A major Illinois school funding vote scheduled for tomorrow may not actually happen

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SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - A spokesman for House Speaker Michael Madigan tells News 8 there may not be an actual up or down vote on the Governor's veto when lawmakers meet Wednesday in Springfield.

The State Senate was able to override the Governor's veto on Sunday, but it's not certain Democrats will get Republican help in the house to do the same thing tomorrow.

Madigan's press secretary Steve Brown says lawmakers could actually vote on an altered bill that includes some of the Governor's proposals that could be a win for Republicans trying to fight against the Senate Bill.

"I think that the only good thing that will come out tomorrow`s tragedy is that we will have to go back to the negotiations table because we will be back at the very beginning," said Representative Tony McCombie (R) Savannah.

Representative Mike Halpin (D) Rock Island says he still wants to see SB1 passed, "It`s a fair bill for students throughout the state. Superintendents support it, teachers and other administrations support it."

The house also has the option to do nothing. Lawmakers don't need to vote on anything until August 29th, the very last day of the legislature's 2017 season.