Quad City protesters rally on the Centennial Bridge against hate in Charlottesville, Virginia

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DAVENPORT, Iowa—Dozens of protesters met at the middle of the Centennial Bridge to stand in solidarity with the victims in Charlottesville, Virginia Sunday, August 13.

“It gives me faith that we really are the majority, that the majority can stand up and that the majority realizes that injustice for anyone is an injustice for everyone,” says protester, Sherry O’Keefe.

Protesters held their signs of peace for drivers passing by on the bridge, a few onlookers even stopped to give words of encouragement to the group as they drove by.

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“If you play into what you’re trying to fight against, you’re not that much better than (white nationalist) …you really have to take the high road when it comes to a lot of this stuff, says protester, Tayvian Johnson.

The QC protest was initially organized by Iowa State Representative, Monica Kurth and a few of her colleagues after speaking about the events on Facebook.

“We needed to take a stand right away. This is not okay and we really don’t want to put up with it here. The rally tonight has come out of the passion that people are feeling and it seems to be catching on really quickly,” says Kurth.

Many protesters say they will also attend the "No hate" rally scheduled in Davenport on Wednesday, August 16.