Davenport installing 24 radar speed signs across the city

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DAVENPORT - The city of Davenport is installing 24 portable radar speed signs across the city.

One of the streets where a radar sign will be installed is on West 36th Street, where resident Terry Kozma has seen his fair share of cars speed by his house.

"For 20 years I've lived on this street and I have seen nothing but speeding and speeding and speeding," said Kozma.

Kozma got tired of seeing people continually speed and took matters into his own hands.

He bought a radar gun and tries to encourage people to slow down on his street.

"How would you like it if somebody was driving down your street at 37 mph and your kids were playing out in the yard?" said Kozma.

Kozma also sent a petition to the city with 46 signatures from his neighbors to get more done about the speeding.

"I could sit out here and probably watch 50 cars go by and I bet you, 30 of them are speeding," said John Watt, Davenport resident.

The city will install the radar speed signs near parks, schools and other areas where speed is a problem.

Some residents think that the radar signs will help, but others aren't so convinced.

"Not on this street, you know, I've had signs out here myself, I put banners on the speed limit signs that say 25, they won't stop on this street," said Kozma.

However, residents are happy to finally see the city making an effort to stop cars from racing down the street.

The city says it will take about six weeks for the first signs to arrive and be installed.

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