Holidays unique to Illinois and Iowa

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Each state has its own unique holidays.  It may not call for a day off work, but sometimes they prompt you to crack open a history book (or open the Google search bar).

Here are some commemorative days unique to Illinois:

February 5 — Adlai Stevenson Day

February 6 — Ronald Reagan Day

February 12 — Lincoln’s Birthday

The first Monday in March — Casimir Pulaski Holiday

The first Sunday in May — Chaplain’s Day

The second Wednesday in May — Mother Mary Ann Bickerdyke Day

The third Thursday in May — Volunteer Emergency Responder Appreciation Day

The 4th week of May — Retired Teacher’s Week

August 4 — Barack Obama Day

Third full week of September Illinois Prairie Week

September 19 — Preventing Lost Potential Day (IA AND IL DO THIS)

December 10 — Jane Addams Day

December 23 — Scott’s Law Day

The first Saturday of each month — Eat Local, Buy Illinois Products Day

Here are some commemorative days unique to Iowa:

March 29 — Iowa State Flag Day

First Monday in April  — Gift to Iowa’s Future Recognition Day

August 10 — Herbert Hoover Day

September 19 — Preventing Lost Potential Day

October 1 — Youth Honor Day

October 16 — World Food Prize Day

December 15 — Bill of Rights Day

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