How to get the best deal when buying a car

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EAST MOLINE-- You might have heard the end of the year is the best time to buy a car.

But that's not the only time you can get a deal.

Experts say August is also a great time to buy a car.

Around that time is when dealers are trying to make room for newer models, so there's more incentives to sell their current models.

“Right now we’ve got 2018's coming out so you get fantastic deals on the 2017's," says Kirk Danielson, Reynolds Ford General Manager.

That could lead to a better deal when buying a car.

The clock can be the buyer's best friend. Being at the right place at the right time could land you a great deal.

Some tips to keep in mind from

  • Buy at the end of the month
  • Shop early in the week
  • Buy at the end of the day

To make the trip to the dealership easier, do some research before you head to the lot.

Online websites like Kelly Blue Book or Edmunds can help cut searching time.

" or they’ve all got specific tools to help the buyer make an educated decision they’re all fantastic tools," says Danielson.


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