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Davenport in the process of choosing a design firm for riverfront improvements

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DAVENPORT - The city of Davenport is ready to move forward with plans to transform one of it's most valuable properties, the riverfront.

On Tuesday, August 8th a panel heard from four design firms who are wanting to develop design standards for the riverfront.

The city heard from Shive-Hattery, RDG, Hitchock Design Group and SEH.

"This will get down to the nuts and bolts as far as what the pavement materials are made out of, what the light fixtures are actually made out of," said Zach Peterson, Landscape Design Architect, City of Davenport.

For Davenport residents the riverfront means a lot to them and they are curious about the process to develop the space.

"I like the open nature of it and I think that's what many people really like... that you could walk right up to the edge," said Terry Genz, Davenport resident.

The city is expecting to spend around $30,000 to $40,000 to hire one of the design firms and plans to have one chosen by the end of August.

For whichever firm is chosen, the plan is to start work by September on getting public input to design guidelines for the riverfront.

"The public needs to be engaged, it's their space, it's their collective vision, we wouldn't be successful without that," said Peterson.

The city hopes to be able to start construction on the riverfront by July 1st, 2018.

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