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HAVLife Garden provides a place of peace and quiet for Fair-goers

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DAVENPORT -- Let's face it, the Fair is a loud place.

But not in one area.

Tucked away next to the Starlite ballroom is the HAVLife Garden, an oasis in this sea of sensory overload.

And for Fair President Mike Vondran, it's personal.

"I don't know how to describe it. It's a place of calm and quiet. I find myself coming out here a number of times in the year," said Vondran.

The tree-surrounded space is dedicated to his 13 year old son, Hunter, who died in a 2004 accident.

It's named after the HAVLife Foundation, which honors him.

While several parts of the Fairgrounds undergo renovations, the HAVLife Garden may be getting one too.

Fair-goers are able to purchase bricks memorializing family members, with the money then going back into renovating the grounds.

But the HAVLife Garden is more than an area marking the somber passing of people, it's become a site for weddings and new beginnings.

And, now, rest from all the noises of the fair... without ever having to leave.