Illinois school zone laws to keep in mind as students head back to class

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School bus (ThinkStock)

ROCK ISLAND — Expect extra patrol around school zones as kids head back to class.

Schools in Rock Island start Thursday, August 3rd, and drivers should be aware of school zone laws and children crossing the street.

“In short, children are not adults,” read a statement from the Rock Island Police Department, “and it’s up to drivers to compensate for these differences.”

A few Illinois laws to keep in mind:

  • Illinois law requires the use of headlights when windshield wipers are operating
  • School zone speed limits are 20 mph on school days and when children are present
  • School bus drivers can report any unlawful passing that happens when their stop arm is extended, even if there are no officers around
  • The use of a cell phone is prohibited, unless a driver is: reporting an emergency, parked, is using GPS, or using a hands-free device


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