Rock River reopening in Whiteside County causes concerns for residents along the river

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WHITESIDE COUNTY, Illinois - The Rock River in Ogle, Lee and Whiteside Counties are reopen, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources deeming the river in those areas no longer significantly dangerous for boaters.

This comes one day after the river closed in Whiteside County for boaters not obeying the "No Wake" rule.

The Whiteside County Sheriff says he's received complaints from people who live along the river about boaters causing damage to their property.

Some residents who live in that area along the river say they move their docks from the water during high river levels.

"When bigger boats come flying by, the big waves and stuff, (the dock) can sometimes get bent," said Ethan Sensor, lives along the river.

According to Illinois Conservation Sergeant Anthony Petreikis, the river can only be closed if it is deemed unsafe for boaters.

"The landowners that are on the banks of the river, most of them, don`t want it open yet but everybody that uses the river, wants to go out every weekend in the summer when they have an opportunity," said Petreikis.

However, homeowners can file a compliant if they capture a boater recklessly operating a boat and causing damage.

"Those people should try to gather video or footage or video footage of that boat doing that," said Petreikis.