How much of the Iowa gas tax money actually comes back to local QC communities

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DAVENPORT-- It's not something drivers like to do. No matter the price, filling that tank is something they have to do to get around town.

Since 2015 Iowans have been paying more at the pump than in previous years because of a gas tax hike.

If you buy gas in Iowa, drivers pay an extra 10-cents which goes to the state.

The price is driving some crazy, others are more neutral.

"If it gets something done, I'll pay for it. I don't have a choice," says Iowa driver Doris Kelley.

Iowa legislators estimated the tax would bring the state an extra $215M per year for road repairs.

But how much is actually being funneled back into our communities? And how is that hard earned tax payer money being used?

Clay Merritt with Davenport's public works department says the city gets around $1.6M a year from the tax.

"It's going directly into roads. We're attacking all streets whether they be concrete, asphalt or brick," says Merritt.

And with almost 700 miles of roads to maintain, every penny counts.

It's true in other local communities as well.

Bettendorf sees an additional $600,000 a year. It goes to road paving, patching, and preservation projects.

The state is paying up, but so are drivers.

"Even though it was an increased tax for those who purchase gas, we're actually out there using it as we get it," assures Merritt.

Seeing those numbers tick up on the gas pump isn't something driver like to do. But traveling on up kept streets helps all Iowans using them.

To see how much money your community is getting from the Iowa gas tax, click the link below.

FY 2016 City Funding Forecast 031815

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