Familiar face in the QC music scene loses almost ‘everything’ in fire

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DAVENPORT-- Unraveling cords, securing every piece, and directing the crew; we know Butch Bos runs this show.

"I get so into what I do. I love what I do," says Bos, who's been setting up and running music events in the Quad Cities for years.

What we might not know is that just days earlier, Butch lost almost everything in a fire.

Last Friday, Butch returned to his Port Byron home and electronic repair shop finding it engulfed in flames.

"I had lots of customers' equipment in there, a bunch of my own amplifiers, wireless mics and stuff," says Bos.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment was gone in just a few hours.

"I didn't really have a thought honestly. I was just sitting there thinking is this real?" remembers Bos.

Despite everything, Butch hasn't  skipped a beat and uses his work to help him move forward.

"Yeah, that's kind of it. And it tends to keep my mind off the bad part of it," says Bos.

He's working only off equipment he kept in storage away from the shop.

We may not know how he keeps it all together, but we do know as long as Butch is in charge, this show will go on.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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