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Officials making sure rides are safe for the Mississippi Valley Fair

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DAVENPORT - At the Mississippi Valley Fair they are inspecting the rides a little closer since an 18-year-old man died after a  ride malfunctioned at the Ohio State Fair.

Pat Kates works for Evan's United Shows Inc. and says the Ohio State Fair incident has her crew taking an extra look at the rides.

"You're looking at each and every bolt and pin, you're looking to make sure there's no wear and tear and that it's good to go," said Kates.

At the fair they have around 25 rides, and they have an inspector from the State of Iowa also come to take a second look at the rides.

"We have our third party inspectors come in here because we have everything up, so they can see it all at once," said Kates.

On top of that, Kates says the 100-plus person crew get up early to inspect the rides and are doing multiple checks throughout the day.

With the large equipment and lots of mechanics they do expect to run into problems at times but Kate says they've never had any major problems.

Evan's United Shows Inc. has been doing the rides for the fair since the 1970's.