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Knox County Nursing Home brings a piece of farm life to residents

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KNOXVILLE, Illinois - The Knox County Nursing Home has taken in new residents, but not the kind you would expect.

The newest activity is putting some of its oldest and youngest residents together. Its newest residents are a pack of goats.

"As long as you got some food, but if you don`t have any they say see you later," laughs Ella Boyd, who lives at the nursing home.

There are four moms and seven babies. The goats provide quite the entertainment for the residents.

"It's really something, I`ve only seen goats in movies now I get to tell people I really was right there to see real goats," said Boyd.

For most of the seniors, it reminds them of their days back out on the farm.

"We just had one and that was enough. He was an ornery sucker," said Evelyn Lievens, who grew up on a farm.

The goats have their own fenced in area outside the nursing home. The residents get to feed the goats. The nursing home says it gives the residents the chance to make new friends.

"You have residents that maybe doesn`t interact with others, but you put an animal there and it brings a lot of joy and actually brings a smile to their face," said Activity Director, Tammie Leaf.

Leaf says they're thinking of getting a miniature donkey next year.