Moline residents wait for water levels to drop before starting clean up efforts

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MOLINE-- Water levels in Moline became the second highest  in history.

And now residents affected by the flood can't wait for things to go back to normal.

The high rising water levels affected most of North Shore Drive and South Shore Drive homes along the Rock River.

Residents in the area say clean up efforts will start as soon as the water levels fall more.

"I'll be out cleaning. A lot of logs and debris come down in times like this," says Michael White South Shore Drive resident.

White says he was fortunate that his was above the water level but his garage got some water in it.

But that's not the only problem people are facing.

Neighbors in his area are having trouble getting to and from home because of the flooded roads.

He's able to get through the water because of his company truck and helps his neighbors cross the roads to their homes.

Down the street some garages and driveways completely flooded, but White says it could have been worse.

"Fortunately most people stayed dry and it looks like its going down pretty good now. Hopefully it doesn't rain now, especially up north, but we made it through and it's a beautiful day right now," says Michael White.