Des Moines’ notorious ‘Corpse Flower’ is finally in bloom

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DES MOINES — A flower in bloom never smelled so bad.

The Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden is getting a lot of attention over its Titan arum flower, otherwise known as the “Corpse Flower.”

Obviously known for its smell, the Corpse Flower actually has a method to its madness.  The flower mimics the smell of decaying matter which attracts insects like beetles or flies.  When these bugs land on the plant, they bring pollen from other plants, to keep the Corpse Flower alive.

How’s that for irony.

Click here for more FAQ about the flower.

The flower blooms only once every three – five years, and when it does bloom, it only opens up for 24 hours.

The botanical garden is posting updates about the flower’s short-lived bloom to its Facebook page.  You can also watch a live stream of the flower here. 

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