Businesses in Clinton are working hard to reopen after flooding

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CLINTON, Iowa - In the 30 years that Bonnie's Scenic Tavern has been in Clinton, they've never experienced flooding.

"It just kept rising and it came to the top step, I didn't know what to do," said Eric Everson, owner, Bonnie's Scenic Tavern.

It's been three days since the flooding happened and they are still cleaning up the basement and assessing damage to the wood floor.

"The moisture got into the floor, you can tell it's all build up," said Everson.

They're not the only place cleaning up, next door at Legends Sports Bar, they have more cleaning and repair to do.

The water went right through the building, causing them to take everything out to remove carpet and part of the walls.

"That semi trailer outside the door, that's got most of the bar stools, tables, chairs, most of the kitchen equipment goes to where we park the vehicles," said David Holmes, owner, Legends Sports Bar.

It's a long road ahead for Holmes to repair the damage done.

"Not much you can do about it, just go forward," said Holmes.

Both businesses plan to reopen.

Bonnie's Scenic Tavern hopes to be open on Wednesday night and Legends Sports Bar hopes to be open in three to four weeks.