Rock River ‘rats’ moving up not out because of major flooding

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MOLINE-- They're called "rubber neckers" out here, people stopping to have a look at the major Rock River flooding. They know later on, they can leave all the water behind.

"I'm off the river now, so I don't have to worry about it anymore. I just come down and look at it now," says a former resident of Moline's Rock River North Shore.

And then there are the "river rats," people who choose to stay, water and all.

"Sometimes you live next to the river, sometimes you live in it," says Steve Vyncke.

Ask anyone who lives on the river. When the water rises, you better be ready.

Vyncke goes through his porch and yard making sure everything is elevated for easy clean up.

He's lived on the Rock for the past decade, and he says flooding has been worse than ever to the point where picking stuff up isn't going to cut it much longer.

"I'm going to have the house elevated which is a very expensive proposition," says Vyncke.

Lifting his river home almost five feet higher, costing him almost $40,000.

Some would be in too deep.

But to Vyncke, it's called being a river rat.