Residents prepare for near-record flooding along the Rock River

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BARSTOW, Illinois - From high above the Rock River on Monday, July 24, the aftermath of severe storms paint unsettling images.

"It's just overwhelming at times," said Jeff Bogs, a longtime Carbon Cliff resident.

As water spills out of its banks from Barstow to Moline, a rising current continues to threaten this largely rural region.

"We try to take pride in our property," Bogs continued.

His backyard, however, looks more like a lagoon these days.

While Bogs knows all about life along the river, this flood is especially frustrating.

"When it comes down to it, what can you really do?" he asked.

Carbon Cliff-Barstow Fire Chief Mat Schnepple is doing all he can.  His volunteer fire department is working day and night to protect the area from damage.

"Even if it doesn't get any higher, it's still pouring into the area," he said.  "At some point, it's going to run out of places to go."

Water was also rising at the baseball field in Carbon Cliff.

"Yesterday, it was below the fence," gestured Phyllis Ickes.

That's where it's worse than just a day ago.

"I feel sorry for the people," she continued.  "Mainly, the people that live over here."

Road closures continue to be signs of the times.  Weekend preparations give way to watching and waiting.

At Jeff Bogs' house, it doesn't get easier.

"What can you do with water?" he questioned.  "You can't stop it.  You can try all you want, but if it wants to come, it's going to come."

For Bogs and his neighbors, a perfect storm that's showering rain and rising water along the Rock River.