Quad City farmers speak out on concerns after cuts on agricultural funding

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EAST MOLINE-- Congresswoman Cherri Bustos stopped by the Rock Island County fair to hear out improvements on the farm bill from local farmers.

Bustos sits on the Agriculture committee that helps pass the long term- bipartisan farm bill every five years.

Local farmers are concerned with crop insurance programs because of recent droughts and floods.

"Our farmers are at the mercy of mother nature,"says Bustos,"if there's a weather event that impacts our producers and growers we want to make sure that they stay strong and are able to survive that."

This also comes after President Donald Trump stripped funding for the largest agriculture research lab in the country located in Peoria, Illinois.

"For every one dollar that we invest in agricultural research we get a 10 dollar return. We're the nation that feeds the world and we want to keep doing better(...) and that's a part of the solution," says Bustos.

The Illinois congressional delegation including Bustos wrote to the president and appropriations committee to restore the funding.