Unlivable conditions force East Moline residents out of apartment

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EAST MOLINE, Illinois - A notice has been placed on the door of McKinley apartment complex warning residents they need to pack up and move.

Joan Vargas has lived at the complex for 13 years and has seen it go down hill.

"We've already lost our furniture because it was infested with mites and roaches," said Vargas.

The building has water damage and mold all over the ceilings, piles of trash in abandoned apartments and the smell of garbage fills the building.

"Living like this for some, is better than not having anywhere to go, " said Vargas.

When she saw the notice, she wasn't prepared to have to get out of her home so fast.

"To give us 12 days to get out, knowing we work, we have children, we've got school coming up, so it's horrible," said Vargas.

News eight spoke with East Moline inspections coordinator Kimberly Grandinetti, she said the building is now bank owned and has an outstanding water bill of almost $20,000.

"We have had on-going history with this property for code violations and the property owner filed bankruptcy rather than comply," said Grandinetti in a statement.

With all of the problems in the building, the city doesn't have the funds or utilities to fix it and have deemed it unfit to live in.

"I just feel totally deceived, totally robbed, he was continuing to take rent even knowing he was gonna be leaving the property," said Vargas.

Vargas said she has found another apartment but isn't able to move in until the end of the month.

"We've got until tomorrow to get out, hopefully they'll give us a couple days extension because if not, we're gonna lose everything," said Vargas.

Leaving her and other residents scrambling to pack their things and get out of the building.

Grandinetti said the city won't be locking the doors until Monday, July 24th, giving residents a little more time to get out of the building.