Kennedy relatives learn about family’s QC connection

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MOLINE - Her name is Kate, but it's her last name that draws the attention. Kennedy.

The Milltown Coffee in Moline is just of one of many stops as Kate Kennedy campaigns for her dad Chris who's running for Governor in Illinois.

"It`s nice to hear from other people about their relationship with my grandfather and what their interactions with him were like," said Kate.

However, on this trip to Moline, campaigning became a little more sentimental.

Former Davenport Mayor Bill Gluba pulls out a picture and shows it to Kate. It's a picture from May 14th, 1968, when Gluba who was 20 at the time was picked to chauffeur Kate's grandfather and grandmother around, Bobby and Ethel Kennedy.

"I got to drive them from the Davenport Municipal Airport down to Second and Main Street and it was Bobby, Ethel, and their little dog Freckles," said Gluba.

He Shares a special memory of that day with Kate, "Bobby says to me stop the car. I didn`t understand why he wanted to get out. I didn`t say anything, I just do what I was told and he and Ethel got out of the car and they just walked hand in hand," said Gluba.

The picture was taken just 10 days before the Senator who was running for President was assassinated.

"I feel so lucky to be able to speak with people like Bill who did get to meet him," said Kate.

Gluba gives the picture to Kate to keep so she can have a little piece of her grandfather wherever the campaign trails take her.

"Such a great surprise," says Kate.