Campers with “Just5days” summer program cuts down yard work for senior citizens

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MOLINE-- Long time Moline Resident Naniloa Smith says it's getting more and more difficult to do her own yard work.

"Especially when there is so much to do now you know, trimming and mowing and my leg hurts and I’m doing the cane thing," says Smith.

That's why she's grateful to the group of junior high students for doing the work for her, and other senior citizens in the neighborhood, Tuesday, July 18.

About 80 kids from Minissota, Kansas, Iowa and Illinois are participating in this week's "Just5Days" program.

The program is a summer camp focused on community service. Each day of program, kids will participate in community clean up and volunteer for different organizations in the Quad Cities.

"The theme for this year is young world changers... We want these junior high students to understand that they can make a difference in the world,” says Program Director, Terry Clark.

The yard clean up for senior citizens project is supported by the Sacred Heart Church in Moline, as well as the Alternatives for the Older Adult.

Throughout the week, the group will also participate in other acts of kindness, like volunteering at local animal and homeless shelters.

Camper Katrina Pfeiffer, this camp is teaching them about the importance of helping others.

"Other people can be in tough situations and they’re depending on other people to help them. Those other people need to realize that they need to help those … who need their help,” says Pfeiffer.