Fuller Brush salesman still knocking despite dying profession

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MOLINE - 65-year-old Count Fuller will tell you it takes skill to be a sales person.

"In today`s world you have to improvise all the time," said Fuller.

Fuller has been a door-to-door salesman for 40 years, even legally changing his name to Fuller.

Decades ago a Fuller Brush man was a well-known face in neighborhoods. The company started selling cleaning supplies more than 100 years ago.

However, the profession of door-to-door selling has changed. It's gone from thousands of salesmen across the country to Fuller is one of the few companies left.

"When I started there was a lot of door-to-door sales people. There was the Avon lady, Watkins, Stanley, Mary K," said Fuller.

He's had to make changes to keep up with the times. With his eccentric personality and wardrobe choice, he's hard not to notice.

"It's not as easy as it used to be, so I constantly have to change. I have to think of something different to get people's attention," said Fuller.

Despite the convenience and privacy of online shopping, Fuller believes there are still people out there who enjoy a face-to-face sale.

Fuller is from Wisconsin and mostly travels the Midwest. This week he's in Moline.