Being part of JDC’s ‘Grunt Crew’ is a family affair

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DEERE RUN– Here at the John Deere Classic, it takes a lot of people to keep things running.

Don and Chris make sure all the electrical connections are up to par. They work with the Grunt Crew. There’s a connection even stronger though. Don and Chris are a father son duo.

But this year the duo doubled. Now it’s two electricians and two in training. Meet 10-year-old Denver and 8-year-old Carson.

Have you been keeping count? Three generations.

It’s the boys’ first year cruising around the course with dad and grandpa.

There’s time for work, but there has to be time for some play.

“It’s a father and his son. There’s no better relationship in my opinion, building that and teaching them something in the process,” says Chris Waveart.

This family is part of an even bigger one 1,700 strong.

“There’s 1760 volunteers currently. Many of them are retirees,” says Don Waveart.

Don knows from experience.

“Many of us, myself, have been doing this for 27 years, some for longer. We’re ending the end of our tenure,” says Don.

That’s why they need these pint sized workers.

“Should the volunteers go away, I don’t know if this tournament would be able to exist,” says Don.

They are adding members to insure that connection for generations to come.

“It’s definitely been a family affair, if you will, the John Deere Classic,” says Don.