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Wapello man receives surprise of a lifetime after a tragic accident

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WAPELLO, IOWA-- For more than ten years Robert Lanz's classic Chevy Camaro sat in his garage collecting dust, after a farm accident left him partially paralyzed.

"About every time I'd see him I'd ask him if he wanted to sell the car," says Shawn Maine.

But Lanz and his family didn't want to sell his Camaro.

So Shawn Maine, an old acquaintance, decided to help him out and restore his car.

Maine spoke with Lanz's wife Kris, asking if he could renovate the car free of charge.

He owns a car restoration place called Midwest Rod and Restoration.

"I approached Kris and said listen, I know he doesn't want to sell but it's not doing any good, let me fix it so he can enjoy it again," says Maine.

Friends and family gathered at the Wapello Car Show to surprise Lanz  with his newly restored Camaro.  He had no idea that Maine was restoring the car he's had since high school.

Friends and family gathered around for the reveal of the car that was under a gray cover.

Once the cover was pulled of Lanz became speechless and over filled with joy to see his car in pristine condition.

"I'm at a loss for words," says Lanz.

He took it out for a spin with Maine in the drivers seat.
Lanz is legally able to drive, but his wife Kris says he will be accompanied by family members.

"Robbie's talked for many years in getting the Camaro redone," says Kris Lanz, "There are just no's a beautiful day."

But Lanz is hopeful to take it out for a spin himself one day.

"In a couple of years I might be able to get it out and drive it," says Lanz.