Neighboring cities reach out to help clean up Oquawka, Illinois

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OQUAWKA, Illinois--- More than 70 volunteers were in Oquawka, Illinois Saturday, July 15, helping residents clean up the rest of the damage left by last weeks storm.

Volunteers came from Burlington, Galesburg and other neighboring towns.

"It doesn’t really matter where your from you can all come together and help out in a time of need," says volunteer Amanda Carr.

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Mayor Robert Eldridge says he is grateful too all the extra hands in the town this weekend, he knows their efforts will not completely clean up all the damage left in the village, says it's a great effort to cut down on the work that lies ahead.

"It’ll be never ending because we have stuff still in the alleys that we will eventually have to take care of.  It’s a slow process," says Eldridge.

People interested in volunteering should contact the Village Hall, (309) 867-3481.