Giving back to the wonderful JDC volunteers

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The John Deere Classic week is in full force and on Thursday morning, WQAD news 8 had our “Breakfast With” John Deere Classic style!

News 8 Jesyka Dereta was out at TPC Deere Run giving back to all the hardworking volunteers out at the classic this week. She had a lot of help from Tom Waggoner, owner of the Java Lab Grind and Dine at the Moline Library.

Tom donated his time to whip up some hand made scones and help News 8 deliver the goodies and coffee to the volunteers working the early Thursday morning shift.

“It was a chance to get out and talk to people. Volunteers work hard to do something that matters to them. It lines up with what we do at the Java Lab,” said Waggoner.

Learn more about the Java Lab Grind & Dine here:

Juliet Christenson, who volunteers at the caddy tent was one of the first volunteers to get breakfast. She helps take care of everything for the golf caddie, to getting bibs ready and also registration. This is her seventh year at the Classic.

"It’s just a lot of excitement and energy through the week and the charity event as well, we give a lot of money to charities and it’s good to be contributing to that as well," said Christenson.

Next breakfast stop was to the score booth where we found Allen Ardnt. He says the chance to help the community is what keeps him coming back to the JDC for 16 years now.

"I'm involved with the quad city hockey association so they get a little bit and girl scouts and several charities. Over 500 charities took home over 10 million dollars last year. It’s awesome," said Ardnt.

See Allen’s full interview here:

Another volunteer WQAD met is Diane. She's a volunteer for the Standard Bear and hit her 43-year mark at the JDC this year.

“It’s become family and the charity that is given back to the community for what we do. It’s a wonderful way to give back,” said Diane.

More than 1,700 people volunteer their time during the John Deere Classic every year.

WQAD news 8 is your official and proud sponsor of the John Deere Classic.

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