Dixon park district closes teen center and skate park that just opened

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DIXON, Illinois - The Dixon Park District shut down the GenNex Teen Center and Skate Park on Wednesday, less than a month after it opened, because  the city's insurance company deemed it unsafe.

The outside railing fell short of the safety inspection and there was a concern with kids falling into the bowl.

Steve Wilson started Project GenNex, partnering with the park district, which allowed him to use the old pool as a skate park.

"The bowl still had a lot of repair work and we had just gotten people to be giving gratis, power washing, paint job and a lot of other work which will now not happen," said Wilson.

Wilson said he was blind sided when it was shut down.

"Big time, like I said we just had a meeting the day before, nothing was mentioned about this meeting with the insurance people and all of a sudden, bam, we're closing you down," said Wilson.

Wilson said Dixon needs a park like this, he started researching and fundraising four years ago for a way to help kids in his community.

"They owe us an explanation and we put a lot of time and effort and to be fair yes they did too to get the electricity and plumbing going but after that it was really supposed to be up to us," said Wilson.

GenNex will meet on Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the Loveland Community House to decide what the group's next step will be.

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