Clinton veterans club helps family after tragic loss

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CLINTON, Iowa - A group of veterans is helping a family get back on its feet.

You could consider the Amvets Post #28 veterans club family.

"We`re here for each other. If we need help, all we have to do is say hey I need some help and people are there for you," said Commander of the post, Cindy Hufford.

On Friday, the club did just that.

"I knew that they had some struggles," said Hufford.

Krista Fradette and her family have been through a lot in just a year. Her husband of 15 years and father of two, Bob was an army vet.

"There was always a prank going on somewhere or another," said Fradette.

However, behind his funny pranks was a lot of pain. Bob battled PTSD for years and took his own life last July.

"He would seclude himself in a room on his computer, didn`t want to be bothered for a while. There`d go times where he just didn`t want to talk to anybody at all, so it was very difficult," said Fradette.

Also in the same year, Fradette lost her brother, now taking care of his two kids along with her two kids.

The club presented Fradette a check for $3,400, to help take some of the financial burdens off of the family.

"I`ve have to take out loans to cover those and it's like I have to pay those back and I don`t know where I`m going to pull the money from, but this will help big time," said Fradette.

All from a group of strangers, Fradette now considers part of her family, "Grateful that a community would come together to help."

The Amvets Post threw a golf outing to raise the money. The club now wants to make it a yearly tradition to help out other families.


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