94-year-old John Deere Classic fan never missed a tournament

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DEERE RUN-- Thousands of fans say they enjoy a good round of golf. But there might only be one that can back it up. His name is Bernie Steiner.

This isn't Bernie's first walk around the course. He's never missed a John Deere Classic tournament ever.

He's played the sport and been a fan of it almost his entire life.

From the way he walks around the golf course, you wouldn't be able to tell he turns 94 next month. After knowing his age, you might expect him to watch golf from one spot. But not Bernie.

This life long fan credits his health to his passion. He knows the game like the pack of his hand.

"I think definitely it's been this game," says Bernie.

It's a part of who he is.

Thousands dream to still be doing what they love at this age. but Bernie is living proof it can actually happen.

"I'll use whatever is allotted or granted me, and I'll do that. I won't quit. I won't quit," says Bernie.

Bernie isn't only dedicated to golf. He dedicated a good portion of his life to this country. He served in World War II and the Korean War in the Navy.

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