Le Claire police warn people of leaving pets in car during extreme heat

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LE CLAIRE, Iowa -- In August of 2016 the city of Le Claire changed it's animal neglect ordinance, which has been helping police crack down on animals being left in cars in extreme weather.

At Grasshoppers, you're greeted by the friendly face of Finley, the woodle.

The owner of Grasshoppers in downtown Le Claire knows how important it is to keep pets out of the hot summer heat.

"If they're walking with their pets, we welcome them and their pets in the store," said Kimberly Collier, owner of Grasshoppers.

The amended animal neglect ordinance allows police to enter a vehicle if an animal is in a car in extreme heat, above 75, or cold, below 40 degrees, for more than 15 minutes and the owner cannot be located.

"Recently, we've had an increase in these type of calls due to the increased volume of traffic that comes into our community," said Chief  Shane Themas, Le Claire police department.

In June, two citations were given out for dogs left in a car in almost 90 degree weather.

"Animals especially, animals with fur and coats they get hot very quickly and a vehicle that's parked in the sun or even on a warm day, "said Themas.

For Collier, it's sad to hear of animals being left in hot cars.

"I don't get that at all I know they think they might be in just for a minute but a minutes too much," said Collier.

So she'll always leave her store open to any furry friend.