Illinois State Comptroller releases more than 500 million dollars to state colleges and universities

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MOLINE--Illinois's public universities just got the state funding they've been waiting for.

The state comptroller, Susana Mendoza, announced the first release of funds in over seven months to higher education.

Mendoza issued more than 500 million dollars in overdue payments to state colleges and universities.

“Our schools and our students need stability. These desperately needed past-due payments will bring more stability to operations going into the fall semester and provide a reassurance to the accrediting and credit rating agencies that state funds are on the way,” Comptroller Mendoza said.

More than half  of those funds will go to state universities.

Part of that  money will go towards MAP grants, a program that helps students with financial need.

"Western Illinois University covered the MAP funding for those semesters and the times when the state did not come through with map funding...this helps to restore that confidence in our state as well as our colleges and universities," says President of Western Illinois University, Jack Thomas.

The comptroller`s office says MAP money will help about 110 thousand Illinois college students pay for their education.

Community colleges will receive the remaining 36 million dollars.