Tuesday on GMQC: Annoying Facebook Messages, Food Commercials, and Coffee Drinking!

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MOLINE- It’s Tuesday, July 11, and some stories on Good Morning Quad Cities, and there’s one big thing that’s really driven me nuts since Monday, July 10.

Who’s received the annoying message from Facebook friends telling you not to accept a friend request from Jayden K. Smith? The message says accepting the friend request will open your computer to being hacked.

Well guess what folks, it’s a hoax! Snopes and other fact checking websites confirmed that what the messages say is indeed not real, so please, stop sending these to my personal Facebook page. They’ve become very annoying over the past day. See the story below.

We love our advertisers on Good Morning Quad Cities and right before Eric did weather at 4:40 a.m., a Checkers commercial came on the air. That prompted 12 useful seconds of adlibbing about food. We’re suckers for any type of food advertisement…See the video below.

And it’s time to drink up! Two new studies say drinking more coffee could lead to a longer life! The largest study to date on coffee and mortality found increasing coffee consumption could significantly lower a person’s risk of an early death.

Another study focused on non-white populations and found coffee has the same health benefits across several races. People who drank two to four cups a day had an 18 percent lower risk of death, compared with people who did not drink coffee. This is good news for Angie, who drinks coffee throughout the morning on the set. I however do not because I burp throughout the morning. Cheers.

And Rockridge High School Grad, Kurt Slattery, did something INCREDIBLE to qualify for the John Deere Classic. Check out his reaction after the interview with WQAD News 8’s Matt Randazo.

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