Davenport volunteers clean up Fairmount Cemetery

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Greg Woods is rounding up the community to get to work inside Fairmount Cemetery .

"The grass shouldn’t be this high, it’s that simple. There’s trees knocked down everywhere, there’s branches all over the place. I mean people can’t find their plots,” says Woods, a longtime Davenport resident.

Woods organized a group clean up in the cemetery after first commenting about the resting ground's conditions on social media.

“My original status was just like here if I have a couple buddies with some lawnmowers who’s down to help,” says Woods.

Fairmount Cemetery has been around since 1881, it is overseen by a board of directors, but volunteers say the board has run out of money.

WQAD reached out to both the cemetery office and the board of directors, but were not able to get a response.

Woods hopes more people come to volunteer to keep up yard in the cemetery.