Friday on GMQC: Bad…and Good Prom Memories, Really Tall Homes, and Meteorologist Problems!

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MOLINE- It’s Friday, July 7, and we are looking forward to the weekend.  Before we begin it though, there were a few stories that caught our eye Friday morning.

When you break up with an ex, often times you just want to cut every trace of them from your life, and one girl did exactly that. Gabi Dunn tweeted out prom pictures and photo shopped Ryan Reynolds in them over her ex, from the popular movie Deadpool. Her tweet got Ryan’s attention. He responded by tweeting out they should photo shop his face over her ex’s yearbook picture next. He also made the hashtag, ‘Don’t mess with Gabi.’

This brings back way too many bad memories for me, considering I was prom king, and I went to prom with a girl I’m no longer dating….So there’s that.

It’s the tallest U.S. home, and now it’s up for sale! It’s called Falcon’s Nest, and it’s in Prescott, Arizona. It stands at 124 feet above the ground. Right now, the three bedroom, four bathroom house is listed at $1.3 million. It also has glass ceilings and a 360 degree view throughout all 12 of its stories. We all would love to visit, but to live there at that cost??? Not so much. See our reactions below.

Over the past three days, Taylor has been filling in for Meteorologist Eric Sorensen, and when that happens, the directors behind the scenes have to change their setup because she is a bit shorter. It didn’t seem like they had changed that up though at 6:10 a.m. Check out this video below!

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