Burns, ignited by gasoline, surround New Boston City Hall

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NEW BOSTON, Illinois — Authorities are trying to figure out who poured and tried to light gasoline that was sprinkled on the outside of City Hall.

Burn marks were discovered by people walking by Thursday morning, July 6th, according to the New Boston Police Chief Mike DeFrieze.  He said that the vandalism happened between midnight and 5 a.m.

The state fire marshal determined that someone threw gasoline on the building, according to Chief DeFrieze.

Despite some char marks around the outside of the building, City Hall was open Friday.

Chief DeFrieze said that there was no video camera in the area so he went out and bought one to mount onto City Hall.

New Boston’s Mayor, Chris DeFrieze, who is the brother of the police chief, said city leaders try very hard to make New Boston nice and he is “very disappointed that somebody would do this.”

Now authorities are searching for the culprit, and Mayor DeFrieze said he’s confident they will figure it out because the town is so small.