Arrowhead teens help prepare the course for the John Deere Classic

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SILVIS, Illinois -- Residents at Arrowhead Ranch are helping crews at TPC Deere Run put the finishing touches on the course ahead of next week's John Deere Classic.

Volunteers like Khamyrei McQueen have helped install more than three miles of fencing around the course.

"It's been hot, it's been really hot. We've been trying to do our best to put up all the gates by the time the tournament comes around," said McQueen.

Arrowhead is a private facility which helps young people get back on the right track. School leaders say volunteering is a big part of that.

"It's just good for the kids to see what it's like to help other people," said Dr. Chester Lien, CEO at Arrowhead Youth and Family Services. "This is a really big, national event, and to be a part of that, that's kind of special for them. They get to see how an event like this works from behind the scenes, and that's something really most people don't get to see."

Although many of the teenage volunteers aren't golf fans, they say the experience has helped give them a new perspective.

"I never liked golf. I always thought it was boring," said Derek Baustian, "but Arrowhead gives you more choices to look forward to, makes you open your eyes a little bit. I never like running, and I run all the time now. I like doing yoga, stuff like that. So, golf could be a new sport for me."

During the tournament, some Arrowhead volunteers will work to collect garbage from the course. After it's all over, they'll help with tear down, as well.

Arrowhead residents have volunteered at the John Deere Classic for the past 38 years.