Davenport first responders saw increase in calls and injuries during Fourth festivities

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DAVENPORT, -- Fourth of July may be over but you might still hear the pops and booms of the fireworks.

The law says no fireworks can be set off after 10 p.m. but not everyone is following the rules.

Davenport Police say they've received more calls this year than they did last year during the festivities.

Last year police got a total of 282 complaints during the Fourth of July.

This year they received more than 300 calls during July 1st- July 4th after 10 p.m alone.

And it's not just police that have seen an increase but medical professionals as well.

Genesis Health System reports they've had in increase of patients being treated and released for firework related injuries.

"One is too many as far as we're concerned," says Craig Cooper, Genesis Health System.

Cooper says they also had three patients with firework injuries that needed additional major surgery...a number that is rarely seen at Genesis Health.

"To have three injuries that required major corrective action was a lot for us," says Cooper.

Although the numbers have increased, it's too early to tell if the fireworks law is to blame.

"We don't know if it's related to the new law or if it's just a coincidence ...Just a one year trend...if we see this over the next 5 or 6 years then you would begin to believe it has to do with the new law," says Cooper.


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