Suspect in University of IL kidnapping visited website with info on how to plan a kidnapping

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CHAMPAIGN, Illinois--- The website Brendt Christensen, 27, visited two months before the FBI says he kidnapped University of Illinois student Yingying Zhang, 26, bills itself as "the world's most popular sexual fetish site." It's still up and running today, providing information about how to plan a kidnapping.

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A forensic search of Christensen's phone showed he visited a web forum called "Abduction 101," including the sub-threads "Perfect Abduction Fantasy" and "Planning a Kidnapping." The highly-inappropriate website is actually blocked on many computers.

Investigators say Christensen and Zhang did not know each other. The think Zhang hopped into a car with a stranger because she was running late for an appointment.

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A family friend says cultural differences are to blame. "The school should put a safety manual for students coming to the U.S. because it's a totally different culture, totally different," Dr. Kim Tee explained.

5,600 Chinese students are enrolled at the U of I, the largest of any American university.

Zhang's family is still here in the U.S. They aren't speaking about the latest findings, but according to a family friend, they are "devastated."

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Christensen is due in federal court in Urbana, Illinois tomorrow morning.

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