Wilton revitalizing downtown to bring history back to the storefronts

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WILTON, Iowa - There's around 2,800 people in Wilton that has a lot of history in it's downtown.

"It's kind of like unwrapping a gift, you take off the old siding and underneath oh my goodness, there's beauty, there's such beauty," said Becky Allgood, executive director of Wilton Development Corporation.

The city received a community development block grant of $500,000 to revitalize downtown, the city is using TIF funds to fund another $250,000 and the business owners are also pitching in another $250,000.

"Our vision is finally happening in this downtown, it's been a long time, it can't be what it was in the 50's and 60's but it can be something better," said Allgood.

The oldest building on Cedar Street was built back in 1860 and the structure is leaning.

"It's gonna be amazing, I've had contractors tell me the paint is holding it together in the front," said Kyle Mckasson, manager of Wilton Candy Kitchen.

The Wilton Candy Kitchen is ready to get the shop back up right and have the outside looking as sweet as the treats inside.

"I think it's good for the community, it will bring people in, it can bring downtown back," said Mckasson.

Allgood said she has already had some people interested in moving into some of the old vacant buildings.

"Everybody wants a bakery, certainly I do, you know bakery we want the restaurants we want unique businesses," said Allgood.

The city hopes the changes will bring more people to visit and stay downtown.

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