Golf Deals: Pay a visit to Green River Country Club

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WALNUT, Illinois -- Just  a short drive from the Quad Cities is Green River Country Club, a nine-hole course that's been around since 1928.

Longtime member Ryan Rosenthal says there are well-established trees lining each fairway that make this golf course a challenge.

"If you get into any trouble left or right, it makes a difficult challenge, but very rewarding if you stay straight," said Rosenthal.

Rosenthal says Hole 7 can be particularly difficult at times.

"You start off with a blind tee shot with tree line on the right and left, with a little throw to the green, and the green is guarded by bunkers. The issue is, if you get into trouble, you're gonna score high," said Rosenthal.

However, he says the par 34 course is perfect for any skill level of golfer.

"My wife just started last year playing, and this is where we come to play. It's open fairways, so if you stay straight, then you've got a lot of room and you can score well," said Rosenthal.

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