Former “Bachelor” Ben Higgins talks “Bachelorette” with Denise Hnytka

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During a Skype interview, News 8's Denise Hnytka talked with former Bachelor Ben Higgins about Rachel’s season and the guys he is rooting for. “I like Dean; he came out as very vulnerable right away. I liked that about him, and a lot of the women love Dean right now,” he said. He’s also a fan of Kenny and Fred, even though Fred got eliminated after an awkward moment with Rachel.

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The one guy who isn’t right for Rachel? According to Ben, that’s Lee. “Lee is somebody I don’t want to watch,” Ben said. “Lee is a guy who I don’t appreciate anything he said, the way he treats people, his comments in the background. That to me is not fun.”

Ben also shared his feelings on the misconduct allegations that shut down filming of “Bachelor in Paradise.” An investigation by the production company found no misconduct, and the show is set to air as scheduled this summer. “I’m happy if the truth was told,” he said. “It’s a tough subject to talk about because I didn’t know any of the details at all.”

He also talked about the changes that may be coming to the show after the controversy. “I am going to watch this with a different eye now. You’re going to see the contestants be a lot calmer in how much they drink, because they are now aware of the repercussions.”

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Ben dives into his life now, talking about his new podcast with fellow member of Bachelor Nation, Ashley Iaconneti. So far, they’ve done 6 episodes of “Almost Famous.” “I’m a huge talker, he said. "And with podcasts, no one is telling me to stop talking.” He also shared the details of his new charity venture, Humanity and Hope United Foundation.

Ben said he's not ready to date yet after his split from Lauren, his pick from the show. He knows life has changed now, and he wants to take it slow before venturing back out into the dating world.

“I think it’s changed so much, I don’t know what it looks like.”