Hundreds of Quad-City area Muslims celebrate the end of Ramadan

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BETTENDORF-- All around the world people of the Islamic faith are celebrating the end of  Ramadan.

During Ramadan, Muslims fast for 30 straight days from dawn til dusk.

More than 1000 Q-C people were expected to attend prayer services at the Mosque, Muslim Community of Quad Cities (MCQC) in Bettendorf.

"Even though we're excited to be able to eat during the day, we're also a little sad to see this month go," says past president of MCQC Lisa Killinger.

Killinger says praying during the holy month it brings the community together and it's also a time for charitable acts.

"It's developed a very strong sense of community, we've enjoyed our spiritual time in contemplation every night," says Killinger.

On June 25th people of the Islamic faith will celebrate Eid Ul-Fitr and the next two days after that.

"It's time to celebrate, we get to go out, meet our families and friends, have some sweets and exchange gifts," says Anis Ansari, Muslim community leader of Clinton, Iowa.