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Iowa couple spills the secrets to marital bliss as they celebrate more than seven decades of marriage

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STRAWBERRY POINT, Iowa-- An Iowa couple is celebrating more than seventy years together.

Charles and Virginia Sparrgrove met back in high school and hit it off right away. Well, that's still a point of contention.

"We talked a couple times in high school, didn't we?" Charles asks his wife.

"Eh probably," Virginia shrugged.

Virginia says the minute she saw Charles, she knew he was the one. Now, the pair is celebrating 71 years of marriage.

And although they don't always agree on everything, they say the secret to a long and happy marriage is lots of humor and hand-holding.

But as for the couple's proposal story? They're not in agreement about those details either.

"She asked me," Charles said.

"No!" Virginia interjected, continuing, "He tells everybody that and that ain't so. I don't know, we just decided."

"She couldn't find anyone else," Charles quipped, then, turning to his wife added, "No, I am just teasing you."

Charles says he always holds Virginia's hand, even if they're in the living room of their own home.

The Sparrgroves have had quite the life together. They have 9 children, 28 grandchildren, and 26 great-grandchildren.