Coaches fired for using school bus to make beer run

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TISHOMINGO, Okla. — Two high school basketball coaches in Oklahoma have been fired for using a school bus to make a beer run.

The impromptu booze search happened while the team was attending an out-of-town basketball camp.  It was student athletes who first realized something was amiss.

“We noticed that the school bus was gone, but (the coach) had told us to stay in our dorms and so we proceeded to do that,” said Kyle Miller, one of the Tishomingo High School basketball players who was on the trip.

The store clerk from the convenience store where the coaches bought the beer reported the coaches to state officials. They were fired by school officials the next day.

“We were pretty upset because we paid money out-of-pocket to go to that camp and we had to end up leaving on the second day,” said Miller.