Muscatine cleaning up after a weekend storm tore through the area

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MUSCATINE, Iowa - People in Muscatine are still cleaning up after a storm with rain totals up to 3.50 inches and pea to golf ball sized hail came through the area in about 20 minutes.

"We had a sudden severe storm come through and apparently there was some debris that came flying through the air and punctured the library," said Betty Collins, youth services librarian.

The Musser Public Library is currently closed from the storm damage and are running programs out of Wesley United Methodist Church.

"Right now, we're just trying to get the water out of the air in the building and out of the carpet in the building, out of the books, out of the equipment there`s just a lot of moisture in there," said Collins.

Outside of downtown in the country there are multiple trees uprooted at James Scott's home, causing damage to his roof.

"The high end of the gutter is now the low end, it tore... so I need to get some repair there," said Scott.

His yard, filled with debris and the farms around him not looking any better, including the 70-year-old farm of Shirley Stange.

We`ve never had hail insurance, we`ve never been in a region that had a lot of hail," said Stange.

Her soybean crops look like they may be completely destroyed, something that's never happened in the history of her farm.

"Yeah, in 70 years, even in the years (that) were dry, we still had some crop," said Stange.

Hail damage across the state of Iowa has State Farm seeing a rise in insurance claims.

Across the state they've had 700 home and 1,150 auto claims causing them to deploy a catastrophe team.