Washington Street cameras up and running after some technical issues

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DAVENPORT - On almost every corner you can see cameras keeping a watchful eye on Washington Street.

The sight of 15 cameras on the street made business owners relieved.

"We kinda had a bum rap here and I tell people when they come in and they start talking like that, smile when you're outside, your on candid camera," said Steven Stoltenberg, Northwest Music Shop Owner.

For the first month of the cameras being installed the city ran into some technical problems with the cameras.

"They didn't have the supply they thought they did, so where there was a weakness, the city switched out cameras," said Ray Ambrose, Alderman.

Even though the cameras have only been fully operating for about a month, Stoltenberg said he's seen more people going to his shop.

"People are you know coming back out a lot I think it will take some time but it will get better as time goes on," said Stoltenberg.

The cameras are not the only thing that is new for the neighborhood, work is almost done to repair the sidewalks and curbs.

"The Village of East Davenport has quite a notoriety, I'm hoping that this will end up the same way because they're both old areas of town," said Stoltenberg.

A sign for the business owners that things will only go up from here.