GMQC Today: A Medieval Monday, Whitey’s News, & Starting Summer

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If you didn’t watch Good Morning Quad Cities on Monday, June 19th, here is what you missed:

It’s hard to top what happened on Friday with Eric’s EPIC adventure at Magic Waters in Rockford, but we are trying – mainly because we’ve got the gang back together! Also, you can’t be mad that it’s Monday when you wake up to a sunrise like this:

Am I right? Our Monday also became MEDIEVAL when KNIGHTS stormed the WQAD News 8 Studio! I made Jon go outside to check it out, because I was too scared:

If you want more information, click here.

Let’s be honest. We pick on Jon a lot, but so does some of our sponsors. Check out what happened at one of our WQAD News 8 Coffee Breaks here!

While this was happening on Friday, Eric was spending some time in his hometown of Rockford and doing some shopping. He came back with this sweet gift for me and Jon:

As someone who never finds “Angie” – only “Angela” – in stores, I love this and can’t wait to put it on my keys! Guess where our names are NOT showing up though? Here.

We’re also pretty excited about the week ahead because this Thursday, we – and by we, I mean ME – are having “Breakfast With…” Whitey’s! We thought – what better way to kick off the first week of summer than by having ice cream for breakfast? If you can’t wait though, be sure to take advantage of Whitey’s Cones for Kids Day today!

And as we’ve been talking about all morning, TOMORROW is the first day of SUMMER! So, should we or shouldn’t we do THIS…

Stay tuned!

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