Dozens evacuated due to chlorine gas leak in Albany, Illinois

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ALBANY, Illinois -- One person was taken to the hospital after being exposed to chlorine gas at the water treatment plant in Albany, Illinois.

According to police, a small chlorine gas leak was discovered on the morning of Saturday, June 17. One man who works at the water plant was exposed and taken to the hospital.

Approximately 25 people were also evacuated from nearby homes as a precaution.

"It may seem like overkill, but when you have one person injured, you can't re-enter that scene. One is too many, so you don't want to get more people injured, so you take the proper steps, which is why we did this and evacuated people," said police chief Wyatt Heyvaert.

Crews worked for more than five hours to repair the leak, and everyone has been allowed to return home tonight.

Public works officials say the village's water is safe to drink.